Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago

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The Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago was founded in 1975. Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago is a non-for-profit educational, cultural, folklore and charitable organization without any political or religious orientation which is democratic in structure and professional in nature, organized under the law of state of Illinois. The aim of this organization is the creation, education, promotion and spread of Assyrian culture, literature and heritage, the preservation of Assyrian customs, national traditions and folklores among the members of the Assyrian Diaspora in addition to, the American community at large in greater Chicago.

Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago hosts and partakes at many events during the calendar year such as: Saint Patrick’s Day, Assyrian New Year, Fourth of July, Tammuz Assyrian Festival, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving Parades, Skokie Festival of Cultures, Memorial Day Tribute, Assyrian Martyrs Day Commemoration, Lectures, Seminars, Dance Celebrations, and Tammuz, the Assyrian Festival, Comprise of food, folk dance, games and more…..